Our Wedding

Welcome to our website! To all our family & friends: we’re so grateful for your love & support and excited to include you in our special day!


  1. Welcome Drinks

    Date / Time : Thurs, Aug 15 / 6PM - 9PM

    Location: 307 Granite Street, Unit C

    Enjoy casual drinks with the bride, groom and guests of the wedding as you arrive in summit county! Make sure to grab your welcome bag!

  2. Wedding Ceremony

    Date / Time : Sat, Aug 17 / 3PM - 4PM

    Location: Marina Park Pavilion

  3. Wedding Reception

    Date / Time : Sat, Aug 17 / 5PM - 12AM

    Location: 10 Mile Music Hall

  4. Afterparty

    Date / Time : Sun, Aug 17 / 2AM - ?

    Location: Details to come on day of

    There will be a late night “after hours” after the reception at a house that’s walking distance from the reception.

  5. Post Wedding Brunch

    Date / Time : Sun, Aug 18 / 10:30AM - 2:30PM

    Location: The Uptown on Main

    Stop by for food and drinks before heading out of town after the wedding! Casual brunch in an indoor/outdoor space with games and awesome views!

What to wear

Attire: Summer Formal . The weather in Colorado can fluctuate, especially in the mountains. Our ceremony will take place outdoors on a lake - so it’s possible to experience everything from sun, to wind, to rain showers. We would highly suggest bringing an extra layer to throw on in case it gets a bit chilly. Even though the ceremony spot will be covered, you should definitely bring a pair of sunglasses with you as well!

Footwear: For women considering footwear: we’d suggest sticking with wedges or flats, or bringing a pair of flats to change into if you’re planning on rocking stilettos! There might be some walking on uneven terrain involved throughout the day, and there will be LOTS of dancing, so that’s just something to keep in mind!

“Fun accessories” are welcomed and encouraged for the reception! It is a Jess and Joe event after all….


Denver is nicknamed the “Mile High City” due to its elevation: 5,280 feet above sea level. Most of Summit County (including Frisco and Lake Dillon) is located at about 9,000 feet above sea level! If you have time to say the night in Denver before heading up to the mountains, that can help with adjusting to the altitude. If not, you should be fine! Just take things slow, make sure to drink TONS of water, and go easy on the alcohol… a little goes a long way at this elevation! If you start feeling the effects of altitude sickness, oxygen bars and hydrating IVs are available all around the Frisco/Dillon area. More information on that will be provided upon arrival in August, and can also be found here. Please get in touch with Jess and Joe if you have questions!